The inQxn pre-incubation program enables students from high schools, colleges, B-Schools and engineering institutes to build their start-up business plan in sync with global best practices. This program is designed to help them to successfully enter the market and scale up their business.

Innovative business ideas have continued to come thick and fast and there has been no shortage of funds to help maximize the best opportunities. Start-ups are now more global and more urban, and perform on a more winner-take-all pattern geographically.

Our strategic business models are structured on a clear set of action plans upon which to work, including business blueprint, strategic frameworks, and governance.

With our industry research analysis, you can predict what will be your competitors’ reaction when you decide to enter the market. 

We look for start-ups that have a clear value proposition and quantifiable benefits. Usually, this will translate into companies with a business to business (B2B) model. 


Bootcamp is ideal for students and first-time entrepreneurs who are ready to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey. All you need is a positive attitude and willingness to put all your energy into building a new company prototype during this training program. We form new start-up teams based on your entrepreneurial skills and guide you through an intense process where you learn what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.


Next to pre-incubation is the step when the business idea is incubated, meaning, nurtured and given a practical identity to culminate itself into the global cycle of economy and growth. A flexible set of developmental processes, manpower, and infrastructural needs. Incubation stage allows the business to find its growth potential in the backdrop of commercial resilience. This step is again categorized into the ‘Four Is’ to success that culminates and collectively paves the way for the prospects to move into its initial stages of national, global, and market placement.

The first sub-step of business idea incubation is business formation and regulation. Finances are one of the most important areas of volatility that every member should be wary of. Financial co-ordination helps in yearly evaluation, adjusting budgets, motioning audits, and filing legal statements, all of which collectively add to the enrichment and flourishing of the business. Finance control and its maintenance are some of the most important aspects of building a scope of successful business purview.


The whole step of business incubation program eliminates risks in the upcoming states of the business development and builds the foundation of the prospects. The technicalities may vary, but overall, any business idea goes through the distinct stage of pre-incubation before moving along with the first draft. 

Prototype design thinking of your product before the official product launch that allows testing and clears up the room for improvement is extremely crucial. User and developer feedback on the product and their expectations on the same through introducing minimum viable product line can help in their iteration and up-gradation, which help the final product abide by what both parties are looking for in it. This sub-step is also considered as one of the most effective and cost-saving ways for product prototype design thinking before the official product launch. inQxn helps in understanding the economic and technical benefits of innovation and guide them towards a profitable future. 

In this sub-step of start-up incubation program, participants learn the importance of digital marketing and become familiar with technicalities of digital marketing strategy. Participants will also be familiar with the industry best practices of business communications and get the hang of the public speaking art.

Infographics are one of the most effective and sought-after business communication and marketing practices to capture market value. Infographic contents allow start-ups to practically visualize an identity and make a viable connection with the audience. Young minds at inQxn learn the intricacies of infographics ideation and creation under the guidance of an efficient team who will form the creative lines to your business prospects and add a touch of personalisation.


inQxn partners with corporates to radically innovate like a start-up while transforming their core business to stay relevant in a digitized world. Based on our years of cross-industry innovation and start-up experience, we have developed the “Excubation” approach to provide an advanced organizational corporate start-up setup for game changing innovations.


With the best knowledge and practical solutions for the forthcoming start-up companies, inQxn nurtures young minds and students and familiarizes them with some of the best market practices and trends to set their work apart. Any start-up initiates and gradually substantialises into a structured flow of work through certain predefined sets of steps and their offshoots.

Those predefined steps can, of course, go through customization depending on the requirements and vision of the founders and stakeholders. However, the central framework remaining the same, inQxn has conceptualized and coordinated the virtues of setting up a company from the scratches of verbal ideas.

Automation, cloud, and digitalization are three keys to co-ordinating every new business with the unwritten rules to success and value addition. Competitive motion for a company, however, does not entirely rely on virtual degrees, but old-school mechanical work impetus together with modern ideas forms the best circumstances for the successful running of a business. It gives them the flexibility and scope to adapt to fast-evolving market trends as well apart from consolidating workload through a systematic frame of rigorous and fast flow. Physical workstation goes hand-in-hand with technological self-operating methods and inQxn provides every element to set up the virtual office at prime locations complete with mail handling, legal documentation, registration, address provision, and many more.

To be competitive is to stay afloat in the rapid and dynamic market through regular interactions, cross-connections with other businesses, attending events, workshops, conferences, and seminars held regularly across cities, using online meeting apps. Expanding networks and placing the name in the game of overlapping competition requires regular updates from a resourceful entity. inQxn enables young entrepreneurs to meet with potential clients or investors and find perspective in terms of growth. This is the first-hand experience and its practical implementation is what pays off in the end.

As you intend to start up a business, the first priority is for you to focus on accounting perspective. It starts with the evaluation process and that indicates whether the start-ups will be able to pay back the highest return on investment or any risk associated with it in the near future. This evaluation decision is based with some accounting and financial data. Start-ups with good rating attracts pool of investors at the time of raising of funds. Investors bet their money in the start-ups predicting 100x return.


Pro-incubation program is designed to help the future entrepreneurs solve some of the problems commonly associated with running a start-up by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training. The sole purpose is to help start-ups go forward with their business ideas confidently and create roadmap to grow their business with important skills in the module. 

Investor pitch deck is the quickest way of making your audience understand what your start-up is all about is by providing them with scenarios where your product or service comes in to address a pain point, while capturing the most important aspects of your story – what you’re trying to do and why. At inQxn, you will get to learn how to present a clear, concise idea of what you’re really out to do.

As you will be working on a great business plan for your business start-up, investors or financial institutions will look at your financial statements. They will take stock of start-up budget, start-up costs worksheet, pro forma/projected profit and loss statement, and pro forma/projected balance sheet. Our participants will gain knowledge of creating financial statement analysis report to attract investors.

A budget is a key component of your start-up business plan. It shows up your business needs, achievable profits, fixed and variable costs and several others.

Entrepreneurs use financial modeling and valuation to forecast the performance of a business into the future. This process creates a mathematical model to represent a simplified version of a company that is based on historic records and reasonable projections.

As a business start-up founder, you want to make sure sharing ownership of your business is done with intention and care. The easiest way to understand start-up equity is to think of it as a pie. inQxn discusses about equity exchange analytics and how you can take leverage of it.

Talking about exit strategy at the seed stage always seems a bit premature. But this topic is always in the back of mind for VCs and other investors, so it’s important to formulate flexible exit strategies. You will have option to change them as you grow your start-up.

Merger and acquisition (M&A) isn’t usually on the top of new business start-up agenda. Even, they tend to refuse multiple lucrative offers to get acquired. But, M&A often becomes a necessary option to get rid of challenges or expand into new territories.

Leveraged buyout is a transaction that companies use to acquire other businesses. The advantage is that buying the business is the return on equity. The buying company increases returns by leveraging the seller’s assets while seller can exit the business at their desired price.

Start-ups will be introduced to the networks of venture capital investors, angel investors and private equity firms. That will help them grow their business using funds. At inQxn, program participants will learn to present convincing pitch deck to influence investors.


Launch your start-up like a pro and scale up. Our acceleration start-up program is geared towards start-up teams that already have a well-defined business idea. You will learn the most effective techniques to conduct advanced user experiments to test your sales/marketing strategy and pricing model. That will help you accelerate your start-up the way successful businesses do it. Our acceleration program is designed for the SME sector.

      From aspiring start-ups to early stage entrepreneurs, inQxn can scale your vision into a thriving business. We have experience of working with start-ups across a range of verticals and connecting them to a network of successful mentors and partners. So, join an accelerator who can help you plan, launch, sustain and grow your business through effective and pragmatic channels.

      Be part of our accelerator community. inQxn accelerator community will help you expand your business and expand your network with access to a talented group of founders, investors, mentors, and industry leaders.

      Entrepreneurs required to adapt and adopt at a fast pace to give their business a competitive edge. And there is no better solution than taking the help of digital advancement and growing your business with the help of latest technology implementation. With the guidance of our advance program, despite of your several challenges in the form of infrastructural constraints and lack of access of financial credit, you will be standing tall to fight for your dream.