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inQxn Startup Accelerator Program Designed To Demonstrate Significant Startup Outcomes

inQxn startup accelerator program is designed to play a significant role in startup communities. Early evidence demonstrates the significant potential of accelerators to improve startup’s outcomes and that to spill over into the broader startup community.

Kolkata, India, April 30, 2020 – inQxn startup accelerator program is launched to provide support early-stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, and financing. Startups need to enter this accelerator program for a fixed-period of time, and as part of a cohort of companies.

In the accelerator experience, the startups will go through a process of intense, rapid, and immersive education, aimed at accelerating lifecycle of young innovative companies, compressing years’ worth of learning-by-doing into just a few months.

inQxn highlights four distinct factors that make their accelerator program unique. Their accelerator program features fixed-term, cohort-based, and mentorship-driven, and that their program culminates in a graduation or a demo-day.

Unlike other startup program, inQxn startup accelerator program has these collective elements. This program is clearly different, with having distinctly different business models and incentive structures.

When asked why startup accelerator, it was said that their accelerator program can make startups so different from other early stage investors and support organizations and so valuable to the investors. An executive likened the accelerator experience to immersive education, where a period of intense, focused attention provides startup founders and cofounders an opportunity to learn at a rapid pace.

Learning-by-doing is vital to the process of scaling ventures, and the point of accelerators is to accelerate that process. In this way, startup founders and cofounders compress years’ worth of learning into a period of a few months.

By participating in inQxn startup accelerator program, startups will get an opportunity to walk through a broader startup community. They will be able to raise angel funding, VC funding and create convincing pitch deck to influence investors. Startup participants will have a positive effect on the performance of their startups they work with, even compared with other key early-stage investors.

Research indicates that one of the main reasons that entrepreneurs and startup founders and cofounders choose the accelerator path is for the money. Accelerators typically offer seed money in exchange for equity in the company.

Startup network connectivity is the catch, which is why startups choose the accelerator path. During this acceleration period, startup founders and cofounders will have plenty of opportunities to network with their peers, other industry support providers and potential investors.

“There will be a demo day where each startup in the cohort will present and pitch, culminating in a graduation. This is where the experience and time invested will really be proven,” explained an executive with inQxn.

About the company:

inQxn is essentially an “Intelligent Incubation Interface” to help discover a business platform for students and amateurs to start their mock start-ups. It helps create an experimental environment that emphasizes and fosters the idea of openness and collaboration that helps make their big idea a reality and add economic value.

inQxn Highlights Funding Opportunities For Startups During COVID-19

inQxn discussed in a webinar funding opportunities for startups during coronavirus crisis, aimed at supporting, building and maintaining confidence, and empowering the entrepreneurial community in this time of pandemic morbidity.

Kolkata, India, May 5, 2020 – Earlier in the last week, inQxn shared the fundraising fundamentals, as well as what startups should be considering with the added complexity of the Covid-19 outbreak.

With that in mind, inQxn decided to inspire the startups as looking beyond their own sources of advice and sought out that some of the experience and successful mentors and investors in their network.

In the webinar, one of the investors said that early stage investors are mostly optimistic in this time of crisis. He said that they had seen earlier great new companies surged during previous crises. COVID-19 time, however, is unprecedented, but businesses should learn together how early-stage businesses or startup cash flow would behave.

As an investor, he said that he personally believed it’s a great time to fund startups. These innovative startups would allow “turning setbacks into springboards for opportunities”, and this is worthy investing. This area would also play a key role in creating new jobs, which would be critical in the recovery phase.

Though many investors may find themselves severely impacted by the crisis, investor members at inQxn revealed that they are very interested in the deal flow activities during this crisis time. Most of the inQxn events are going ahead in the virtual format, as people are getting familiar with this new way.

“We believe that disruption and opportunity go hand in hand and this is still widely believed in the investor ecosystem. While these are very painful times for so many, the nature of the free market indicates that investors are looking for innovative businesses, business models, and those entrepreneurs who are looking through the dark clouds of times to find those silver linings,” said a speaker in the webinar of inQxn.

In fact, investors are more active nowadays than ever to meet with agile and innovative startups who can see the opportunity. Those opportunities now seem to have a deep connection to a cause, not just profit, and the growth of the circular economy movement with sustainability at the core of this unstoppable momentum.

In the webinars, speaker investors said that during this crisis there are three things that founders and cofounders can do that will be of significant value both to their team and their startup. They should look at variable cost structures and at their team. Extreme focus is necessary. “That being said, nobody has a crystal ball and I wish founders the best of luck getting out the other side of this difficult time,” said a speaker investor in one of the webinars by inQxn.

About the company:

inQxn is essentially an “Intelligent Incubation Interface” to help discover a business platform for students and amateurs to start their mock start-ups. It helps create an experimental environment that emphasizes and fosters the idea of openness and collaboration that helps make their big idea a reality and add economic value.