No matter how unique your business model is, developing it into a flourishing business with good returns requires strong and steady finance. Business strategies have to be correct, execution has to be right, and the revenue has to be channelized properly.

But for all these to happen smoothly, the first necessity that has to be fulfilled is the flow of money into business, right from its ideation phase. If bootstrapping or angel investments are not coming through, then startups have to turn to VC funding for capital.

The question is why people will fund your business, how you will be able to convince them to fund your business.

Keeping those paint points of startups in mind, 3 business incubation training programs have been brought in.

  1. Bootcamp training program
  2. Excubation training program
  3. Acceleration training program

Each of these programs is designed for startups with their stage-wise growth condition. Bootcamp program is for school level students based on technological projects. Excubation program is for those who want to do something futuristic and set a path-breaking example in startup domain.  Acceleration program for small to medium enterprises.

Individuals, entrepreneurs and startups are free to choose any program out of these three programs that suits better with their business goal. By undergoing a program, participant will come to know, understand and experience how their business model and project will work in reality and if that will generate desirable returns and deliver value. All that will be clear, transparent and visible through business model prototype on an Intelligent Incubation Interface.

These programs will also help them know how to secure finance, VC funding for their business. Finance is the prime engine for a business. These programs will teach you how you can get money from multiple sources. Below is listed 5 ways for you to get your startup funded.

  1. Create a detailed business plan
  2. Visit your local financing companies
  3. Seek help from friends and family
  4. Venture Capitalists or VCs
  5. Angel Investors

Among all of the above means, VC fundraising is considered as the best option. To raise a VC fund, it is necessary to know the stages when venture capital is invested. Because, based on that, it would be easy to understand how VC fund works. Venture capital investment in startups follows a series funding method, which is staged by stage funding.

Early stage VC funding is known as seed funding to startups. There are Series A, Series B, and Series C VC funding stages. From investors point of view, seed and Series A funding are the riskiest bests as there’s still no profit in sight in most cases, and there’s every chance of the business failing. In order to combat the losses, VCs tend to invest together in a startup.

As startups will require finance and funding from VCs, they ought to do a research also before taking their funds. They need to choose the right VC too. These programs will discuss those points in details and help you create convincing business project plant to place that in front of those VCs and financers. Ready to take part in such a program, visit the website here.

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