Do you want to start your own business? Are you not so confident about your entrepreneurial abilities or how to go ahead? You may require undergoing an entrepreneurship development program that can help you learn how to develop, foster, execute and get funds to grow your business.

Sometimes, people may have skills but that requires polishing and incubation. Those 3 entrepreneurship development programs are perfect for them. The objectives of these programs are to develop an individual as an entrepreneur and keeping that in mind, they are structured with training processes that can help develop and nurture their skills and train and transform them to meet the market needs.

There are numerous entrepreneurship development programs. Out of them, we have chosen 3 popular programs helpful for building startups.

1)     Bootcamp

2)     Excubation

3)     Acceleration

Bootcamp: Bootcamp is an entrepreneurship training program for school level students based on technological projects. Technological bootcamps have taken off in popularity in recent years as a way for students to advance their careers. In this program, students are engaged in live projects, so they gain innovative skills in a non-intensive timeframe. The prime goal of this program is to grow the potential and cut off undesirable challenges.

From a very early age, a student will get to know the inside details of the current technological trends, not only theoretical but working on his/her own project.

What does this program include? You will get to know how to prototype a business idea and prototype to minimum viable product. Similarly, the students will get the opportunity to meet with their future investors and build a tie up with them to secure finance for their future projects.

Excubation: Innovation and growth are the two words you all know. For larger companies, getting through market challenges and competition are much easier, but for start-ups, it is a lot more difficult one. Startups should consider new approaches and learn the right methods ahead of time.

In view of this scenario, excubation program is brought in for them. By undergoing this startups program, those who want to do something futuristic can set a path-breaking example. This program suits better with those who are working with MNCs or technology companies and those who want to become a start-up entrepreneur or want to lead a project within the company.

By undergoing this program, you can execute new, innovative projects quickly. The difference between success and failure is not the brilliance or relevancy of the idea. It is the ability to execute quickly and go from 0 to 1 then 1 to 10. Excubation is designed to make this possible.

Acceleration: The acceleration program is designed for the SME sector. It is also known as the “Engine of Growth” for India. Launching, sustaining and growing small or medium enterprises is not an easy task. It requires adapting and adopting a fast pace approach to give entrepreneurs’ a competitive edge. There is no better solution than opting for the digital advancement and growing your business with the help of the latest technology implementation. By undergoing this acceleration advanced entrepreneurship program, one can learn and adopt business skills on how to wade through challenges in the form of infrastructural constraints and lack of access to financial credit.

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